Slave Requirements

My rules of engagement:

DO not buy my chat ID’s assuming I will chat with you for free! Buy my ID’s under the pretense that if you want to chat and/or cam a TRIBUTE is ALWAYS Required! I ONLY Cam from my Skype ID! I will however chat with you from my Yahoo ID but NO cam!
1.Open your mouth and state your name  (I am not a mind reader)
2. I am Sapiosexual, I find the Intelligence in others VERY sexy… That being said, I find intelligent generous submissive men and of course woman to be a HUGE turn on!
3. This is a BDSM line (I’m a kinky pervert) however I have many admirers and fans who call simply because they adore me and I welcome any new “Memphis Addicts”
4. I am manipulative, spoiled, greedy and money oriented. I am more important than your wife, your girlfriend or your partner! However any of my loyal pets here will tell you I am easy to talk to, The Sweet Evil Bitch of your Dreams. I indulge in the perverse, the kinky and taboo, never pass judgement on any Kink or Fetish.
5. Remember your manners and I am open to discuss any topic. I do” get off” on getting you explore my deviant mind, push your limits and taking you to “sub-space”
6. I’m blunt & honest if you find that offensive I am not the Goddess for you.
7. Buying my “chat ID’s and calling my cam line is the only way to see me on cam.