Slave Requirements



As of this moment, I am currently pleased with my stable, and I’m not looking to own just any random slave or sub. I will however accept the most loyal and devoted slaves/subs among the masses. Ownership is a privilege not a right.
My requirements for ownership are simple and are centered around one very easy to understand concept, “SACRIFICE FOR ME”. As long as you are focused on pleasing your Goddess and making sacrifices in pursuit of my happiness, how can you go wrong?
What you need to know if you are considering applying for servitude:
  1. I am busy; my time is valuable, yes, far more valuable than yours. Always be humble and appreciative of any attention I give you.
  2. I own more than one slave, and there is a hierarchy even amongst slaves/subs based on the level of sacrifice, devotion and commitment.  Entry-level slaves start at the bottom; it is your job to prove your worth.
  3.  DO NOT be a burden and time drain; this is extremely important, while I pride myself on establishing and maintaining long-term D/s relationships. I have no room in my stable for a slave/sub who need 24/7 micro-managing.
  4. Trust is difficult to earn and easy to lose, if I can’t trust you, I have no use for you.
  5. My wish-list aren’t optional, while cash is ALWAYS my TOP PRIORITY, my wish-list aren’t to be ignored, if it’s on my wish-list that means I want it, no thinking required, sacrifice and spend:
  6. While I cam often, cam time is at my leisure.
  7. I do what I am, when I want.
Here are a list of some of the gift cards I desire, click the links below and send me a gift-card:
  4. vouchers can be sent directly from my wish-list
They should be sent to my email:
All other emails should be sent to